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UFT SDI Series
1000E(1 CH SDI )

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Audio Digital Fiber System
BCI 6102(2 CH)
(4 CH,8 CH,16 CH)
y 304A
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6100(8 CH,16 CH)

Computer USB Fiber System

Computer RGB Fiber System

RF Fiber System
710(L-band )
720(CDMA/GSM )
730(CATV )

Fiber Routing Protection
BCI 930

Data Fiber System
BCI 530E



USA BCI:: 230E/240E  Digital Fiber Optic Video/Audio/Data Transport Systems with Enhanced Video Quality

(BCI = Broadata Communications Inc.)

tMeets 250C Medium Haul Video Specifications
tDigital Encoded Fiber Optic Links
tAccommodate up to 1 Video, 2 Audio,and 1 Serial Data Channels
tStandalone and Card-cage Packaging
t1 Fiber Solution also Available (WDM)

tRemote Multimedia Studio
tDistance Learning
tAudio/Video/Data Conferencing
tMedia Retrieval and Distribution

tThe 230E/240E system provides simultaneous transmission of digitized stereo audio,video and/or data over one or one pair of fibers. The 230E system transmits two (2)audios (or one (1) stereo audio pair) and one (1) baseband NTSC/PAL video channel in one direction. The 240E system transmits and receives two (2) audios (or one (1) stereo audio pair), one (1) baseband NTSC/PAL video channel, and one (1) serial data (RS-232/RS-422) channel in both directions. The video quality in the 230E/240E system meets 250C medium haul specifications and its audio specifications exceed professional standards. Many versions of optical transmitter and receiver combinations are available to address different distance requirements.
tThe 230E/240E features a digital fiber optic transmission technology, capable of providing sharp video and crisp audio, with little or no maintenance, high functionality reliability, and low operating cost. The quality of video, audio and data transmission in BCI's digital designs is much superior to the analog transmission designs used by other manufacturers (based on amplitude or frequency modulation). No user adjustments are required in the 230E/240E system, enabling quick setup and trouble-free operation.
tThe 230E/240E comes with two packaging options: a rugged, standalone, and compact unit, or a plug-in card for a card cage system. Panel connectors are provided for video(BNC), audio (terminal block), data (DB-9), and fiber connection (FC-type for singlemode fiber or ST-type for multimode fiber). They are also easily monitored by separate LED indicators for power, optical link, and channel activity.
tDue to its digital transmission design, the 230E/240E is capable of addressing a variety of non-standard configurations. Contact us to discuss your custom, OEM/private brand and high volume requirements.



Channel Capacity 1
Bandwidth 7 MHz
Video Level 1.0Vp-p @ 75 Ohms
Differential Gain <3%
Differential Phase <1.0o
SNR (Weighted) >65dB
Connector BNC


Channel Capacity 2
Operating Mode Balanced or Unbalanced
Input/OutputImpedance 600/50 Ohms (Balanced)
Max. Input/Output Level 5 Vp-p @ 600 Ohms(Balanced)
Magnitude Freq.Response 20Hz to 20kHz @ -3 dB
SNR (Weighted) >75dB @ 1kHz
Connector Terminal Block

Serial Data

Channel Capacity 1
Signal Format RS-232 or RS-422(User Selectable)
Operating Mode Full Duplex with Handshake
Data Rate Up to 128kbps (RS-232),Up to 1 Mbps (RS-422)
Connector DB-9

Dimension: (H x W x D)
Standalone 2- or 4-ch Versions:
Standalone 8- or 16-ch Versions:
1.72" x 17.03" x 12.0"
3.46" x 17.03" x 12.0"
Power (4-channelTX/RX)
Power (8-channel TX/RX)
110-240 VAC @ 20W
110-240 VAC @ 40W
Operating Temperature 0 to +50oC
Humidity 0 to 95% RH,non-condensing
Status Indicators Power, Optical Link,Video Activity

Fiber Type Multimode and Singlemode
Number of Fibers 2 or 1
Wavelength 850, 1310 and/or 1550 nm
Fiber Optic Connector ST (for Multimode),FC (for Singlemode)

Typical Power Budget and Transmission Distance
Application Power Budget (1) Typical Distance KM (2) Typical Distance Miles (2)
Multimode Fiber 13 3 2
Singlemode Fiber 25 45 28
Singlemode Long Distance 28 80 50
(1) These are typical values for the 230/240 Series. The actual values may vary.
(2) These are typical distance coverage figures. The maximum distance coverage may be greater than these typical numbers, depending on fiber type, fiber bandwidth, connector splicing losses, chromatic dispersion, environmental factors, etc.

Front and Rear Panel Application Figure
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